Nothing Against Ducks, but…

My Husband and I had just sat down to a hot breakfast when the phone rang.  It was his dad telling us there was a “buck” at the mail boxes staring at him.  Still in my flannel gown I grabbed my camera, put my long lens on and headed out the door.  We are quietly sneaking in the direction his dad was pointing and I was thinking, “what is wrong with this buck just standing there?”.  We rounded a huckleberry bush and to my shock it was a duck!!!


My Husband informed me he did not say “buck”, he said “duck”.  She was cute so I took her picture, anyway.  My father-in-law said “Don’t tell me people are dropping off ducks now”.  She flew away and we went back to a cold breakfast.

Linda Bateman

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One Response to Nothing Against Ducks, but…

  1. Peggy says:

    Hmmm….that looks like one of our ducks. I knew they were good flyers, but don’t think she could make it all the way to Florida!

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