The Wood Crafter

"The Wood Worker"Looking for wood.

This wood crafter’s name is Don Snyder.   He has been sawing wood since he was a small child when he sat on the wrong end and tumbled down with the limb.  He learned the lesson the hard way, but it didn’t stop him.  Now he is 82 and still sawing.  He has built houses for us to live in and had a business making stakes and laths for surveyors.  For the last thirty years he has made jewelry boxes out of drift wood.  For me the fun part was going out on the waterways with him to gather the drift wood.  I can’t think of anything better than being laid back in a boat, bobbing up and down with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich watching the birds fly over.  He is unable to work with large heavy wood now because of his health, but he is still going strong with little things, like pens turned on a lathe, small clocks and ring boxes.

He made the chest that these camphor jewelry boxes are sitting on.

He kept the natural shape of the wood.

"Coffee Table"

Tables were mostly made of red wood, camphor, and buckeye from California

Box With Three Drawers"

Even my kitties like to check out his work.

"Tea Pots"

"Wooden Birds"

"Wood Pens"

The tea pots, birds, clocks, and pens he turns on a lathe.

"Three Tier Table"

My youngest sister did the wood burning art work on these table tops.

Buzzard is the nick name his youngest son Tom and his friend Don gave him along time ago when they use to hunt wood together out in Ozello Florida.  When they got hungry they just pulled some oysters out of the water and ate them raw.   Yuk.  The nick name is still used today.  It’s a good thing he has a sense of humor.

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2 Responses to The Wood Crafter

  1. Olivia B says:


    My name is Olivia. I live in Georgia and I am 23 years old. I came upon this website while doing a search. There’s always been a jewelry box in my grandma’s house since I could remember. I loved it so much because it looked like a piece of natural wood; it was not like traditional jewelry boxes. My grandma passed away a few years ago, and I inherited this box. The only thing on it that pointed me as to where it came from (no one’s ever told me), was the signature on the lower left corner of the box top: Don Snyder. I decided to research it today and I am very happy to now know about the artist that created it. I am not sure how old the box is, but I am guessing it is probably one of Mr. Snyder’s earlier works as the box has been in my Grandma’s house for a LONG time. I do not know how my Grandma came to own it though. I took pictures of it tonight if you are interested in seeing it (e-mail me), and if you talk to Mr. Snyder let him know that his earlier works are still admired, in good condition, and used to this day.

  2. Aunt Ish says:

    Hello Olivia

    Don was thrilled to know that his work is still being enjoyed, you made his day. He may be able to tell about when he made that box by the stlye and type of wood. When you get a chance to send a photo send it to and he will try to give you a date. He would write you but he doesn’t do computers.
    Thanks You
    Linda Bateman

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